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News & Reviews and 2006/7 Tour Dates (Click here for tour dates)
Great news for "Classical Cabaret" - Arts Council England have supported a whole new look for this season of Classical Cabaret. Beverley (never one to sit back and take it easy) has been working closely with a fantastic director, Jane Karen. The all-new show is already out and about with new arrangements, lighting and scripts, all thanks to a substantial organisational and artistic development grant from the Arts Council and some wonderful financial help from private benefactors.

Have no fear, Beverley's wonderful playing remains central to the whole show and her much sought-after "Classical Cabaret" duo continues to visit those more intimate venues and thrill audiences world-wide!

If you are a Classic FM listener you can still hear the latest "Classical Cabaret" CD featured on various programmes. We continue to receive a huge response from listeners, many of whom have tracked down Beverley here at her website and send wonderfully supportive messages. This enthusiasm surprises some of the Classical Cabaret live performance venues, as they find a whole new audience demanding tickets!

If you would like to receive a copy of the Classical Cabaret with Hot Strings CD, please contact Classical Cabaret on 01491 638903

Chile - Argentina 11th - 18th January 2007 CC Cruise
Papeete - Sydney 4th - 18th February 2007 CC Cruise
Yangon - Singapore 18th - 23rd February 2007 CC Cruise
Marthall & Ollerton VH, nr Macclesfield 8th March 2007 7.30pm CC Duo
Kettleshulme VH 8pm 9th March 2007 CC Duo
The Goodwill Hall, Faddiley 10th March 2007 7.30pm CC Duo
Whitegate Recreation Room 11th March 2007 7.30pm CC Duo
Lynton Church, North Devon 8pm 13th April 2007 CC Duo
Woolacombe Village Hall, North Devon 7.30pm 14th April 2007 CC Duo
Hartland Parish Church, North Devon 7.30pm 15th April 2007 CC Duo
Valencia - Santa Cruz 17th - 22nd April 2007 CC Cruise
Athens - Kalamata 5th May - 11th May 2007 CC Cruise
Valletta - Rhodes 25th May - 3rd June 2007 CC Cruise
Amsterdam - Copenhagen 12th - 18th June 2007 CC Cruise
Rome - Venice 6th - 13th July 2007 CC Cruise
Copenhagen - Trondheim 23rd - 29th July 2007 CC Cruise
Reykyavik - London 14th - 21st August 2007 CC Cruise
Lisbon - Barcelona 7th - 14th September CC Cruise
Richards Bay - Capetown 30th December 2007- 5th January 2008 CC Cruise